A Bizarre First | 3

Today I would like to share a short story with you all from the beginning of my internship.

As an intern, I have been learning the Aflac business from the viewpoint of my District Sales Coordinator. Although she is in management now, she still has tasks of an Associate. As an introduction, she wanted to introduce me to something that one would do once they’ve been in the business for a while.

On that day, we were tasked with visiting a number of current accounts that are considered to be “inactive”. To put it another way, it means that they may not have seen an agent in a while, and it’s worth going back to take a look and see what we can do for them.

So as we were driving down to the first location, I was excited at the idea of visiting businesses that already have Aflac in place and helping them in any way that we can. This, to me, seemed much more interesting than making cold calls.

When we arrived at the sturdy, white building, we noticed several cars in the parking lot – a good sign that they were still open. It was a Friday afternoon around 2:00pm, but in this business I’ve come to find that no matter what day or time, it can be hard to talk to who we need to talk to. We left the car in a shady spot, and proceeded to the glass doors. There were two sets of doors, one outer pair and one inner. The outer doors were unlocked but as we tried to open the set of inner doors, they wouldn’t budge. We thought maybe the doors were supposed to be pushed instead of pulled, yet no luck came from either force.

My coordinator and I remained optimistic, and agreed that perhaps there was a side or back entrance. We circled the building and searched for another door. No luck. Well, that’s not creepy at all. There was no sign of people in the building despite the handful of cars out front. Discouraged, we decided to leave, but not before trying that front door once more.

As we walked through the outer doors and approached the inner, a man appeared out of the hallway towards the left. I tried to get his attention. “Hey, hey!”……

He approached us, shirt half tucked in, pants zipper down, and yelled out, “We’re closed! We’re closed!” The site of such a man – who seemed to be a janitor – all disarrayed and with his clothes only partially on correctly was enough to make my coordinator and I quickly say, “Okay. Thanks.” And leave as quickly as possible.

Back in the car she tried to assure me that this is not the norm, yet I bursted out laughing. My first experience visiting an inactive account was strange and somewhat comical. If there’s something I’ve learned, it’s: If they don’t answer your call, the business is probably closed or too busy to be in contact with you at the moment.


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