Blog 6: Connecting to Academic Exploration

As the second year in this role, I have once again confirmed my appreciation for marketing.  While I only have experience in field marketing, just one path within marketing as a whole, I learned a lot about other possibilities, as well as figuring out the type of company I would like to end up at.  Field marketing excites me- the close connection to sales, yet far enough that we are out of reach of customer complaints or having a number held above our heads, is rewarding in that we are able to quantify our work and see firsthand the impacts our events have on customers.  I appreciate the creativity that goes into events and the great emphasis on developing strong customer relationships.  I think it is vital for any company to have a respectful and transparent relationship with customers and I believe that field marketing is a fantastic way to show customers that we care.  Not only that, customers leave our events raving about the Salesforce leaders they met or that they learned from customers to use this product in that way.

To succeed in this role I need to develop in the area of prioritization and time management, as well as my confidence in my professional abilities throughout my next 2 years at Michigan.  During my remaining time, a huge responsibility I have lined up for myself that will give me experience in planning and managing an event is Red Dress Gala.  Every year this philanthropic event is executed in an initiative to raise money for women’s heart health.  This 400+ person event calls for immense planning efforts to ensure not only a successful execution, but in hopes that substantial amount of money is raised for the cause.  As director of this year’s Red Dress Gala this fall, my time will be dedicated to planning this event from start to finish, similar to the role I embraced in my field marketing position.  This is a huge opportunity for me to challenge myself in my abilities to manage an event, as well as prioritize and organize my planning efforts and I am really looking forward to the outcome!

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