Blog Post #3 – Describe your favorite project or presentation that you have completed for your internship

One of the main projects I was given was to make a user interactive display for one of the off-road vehicles. At first it seemed like a daunting task because I don’t have too much experience with embedded programming. I had to have a meeting with the project manager and the test engineer so they could explain to me all the different components that needed to communicate with each other. They laid out for me in a detailed powerpoint presentation what they wanted on the display and the functionalities they are hoping for. It took me some time to get used to the new programming environment because it was not anything I had used in school. I quickly got a grasp of it, and I soon started to make a lot of progress on the display as well as learning new things about embedded programming and different software applications. One particular new thing I learned was CAN communication which is how different systems in our vehicles interact with each other. The display is fully functioning and now it’s just the matter of actually putting it in the vehicle and testing.



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