Coming to an end #5

I am sad that this summer is coming to an end because it was a wonderful time working for Cribspot this summer and getting to know the staff. I have made lifelong friends and plan on staying in contact with them throughout the rest of my time in Ann Arbor. I have already talked to them about potentially trying to work a few hours a week during the school year. It would be ideal to work remote from home or on campus doing computer work but we will see what is available. I feel as though I have learned a lot working for this company over this short period of time, and see a lot of potential in the future for the team. I know so much more about the housing market and what it takes to compete with the already well established house marketing companies. I think that the information I learned while working in the field on job sites has been more helpful for me than many classes that I have taken in the past because I am physically doing a task and learning how to react to different situations at hand. I am blessed to have been hired by this company and would have thanked all of them for accepting me with open arms. I will miss seeing everyone in the office almost everyday.

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