Connecting your studies to your academic exploration | #6

This internship neither confirmed nor swayed my path. Let me clarify by saying I still intend to work in the music industry, but not right out of college. I’ve learned a lot about being an entry level music industry professional, and it would be impossible to support myself in New York while making less than 35,000 dollars a year. On top of that, analysts aren’t usually promoted within their first organization, often seeking advancement elsewhere. Thus, I think it may be wiser to enter the music business as a manager or even a Vice President.

I’ve loved working in the music industry this summer, but I have to distance myself from my passion for a few years if I’m going to make a successful career out of it. In order to create a successful career in music I need a strategy. Starting out at in advisory at a consulting firm with entertainment industry clients may be one good strategy to accomplish my long term goals, and in order to get there I’ll need to balance a few different aspects of my identity over the coming years.

It starts with making sure I land an internship at one of the major consulting firms or in financial services as a branding or marketing strategy intern. I’ve already ent out several applications and leveraged my network to provide me with referrals. While I search for this internship I have to make sure I stay connected to the music industry as well. I’ll be working as a freelance songwriter while I’m at school, and hope to approach a publishing company within a year.

Interestingly enough, I don’t think this path has anything to do with my academics. As a political science major with a digital studies minor, the best way for me to achieve my goals is to continue my upward trajectory in terms of academic performance. The goal is to graduate with a 3.5 cumulatively, and continue learning wherever I can. This summer has given me a practical understanding of the music industry, and now I know I’m going to have to work that much harder to be successful.

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