Informational Interview 1: What is a Seller?

“Sales” has always been a scary word to me. For some reason, it seems more intimidating than “marketing,” and perhaps that’s because people have told me that they see me in a position in marketing or advertising, but never sales. Whatever that means. As close-minded and ignorant as that may sound, I never really considered sales as a potential career path for me. I thought of it as extremely high-pressure and too “business-y” and cut-throat for someone like me who hates competition and prefers more creative work. However, when spending my summer watching sellers in action, I came to realize what a position in sales actually entails, and that this is the type of position that has my name written all over it. Sellers are positive, outgoing, persistent, and passionate, and the sellers I had the opportunity to work with this summer showcased an attitude in the workplace that I really admired and will strive to echo no matter where I end up after graduation.

This brings me to my first informational interview. It occurred to me early on in my internship that I really knew absolutely nothing about sales, and really, though on the events team, I was working within the sales division and with people who focused on selling iHeartMedia’s assets to clients. From week 2, I knew exactly who my first informational interview would be – I decided upon an individual who quickly became a mentor to me, who was very involved with the intern program, who works with the Multi-Market Sales team, and has been with iHeart since before it was even iHeart. Because he was so involved with the interns, we got to know each other quite well rather quickly. For that reason, I was extremely comfortable asking him any question I had, and he applauded me for my well-prepared questions as well as my smaller questions that came up throughout our meeting, thus demonstrating that I was paying attention to his answers. He walked me through the differences between multi-market sales, national sales, and local sales, and explained how they get involved with clients, how campaigns are negotiated, and the roles of  individual positions on the Multi-Market Sales team. I additionally used this opportunity to learn more about his background, his journey through iHeart, and how he became so involved with the intern program in addition to his prominent position on the Multi-Market Sales team.

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  • August 29, 2017 at 1:18 pm

    It sounds like you left this conversation and internship with a potential career path!


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