Informational Interview | #1

We connected because he was my original contact at the company that I interned at and who helped me get my internship. I chose to interview him because he is someone that I look up to. In France, especially at the time that he was studying, there was not a big emphasis on tech and tech related products. To me, he a visionary in that he got on board early with one of the small tech companies that existed at the time and helped grow it as this market expanded.

I learned that although his field of study was close to his field of work, he was not afraid to take classes that were not related to his major simply because they interested him. Since he was not set on a particular field of work after his studies, like me, they could and have revealed themselves useful later on.

This directly impacts how I will navigate my education: I need to carefully pick what my computer science specialty will be but also that I also should not be scared of taking various classes that I think might come in handy or that I might find interesting. It is more about what one learns and remembers after college rather than solely focusing on getting good grades.

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