Informational Interview | #2

For my second informational interview, I spoke with someone outside of New York Life that works in the industry I plan to go in. I interviewed with M regarding his work experience and I connected with M through LinkedIn. Some of the reasons I connected with M are because he’s and alumni of the University of Michigan, and he majored in Computer Science, which I’m planning to major in. But the main reason is because he works in the Machine Learning department of his company and has experience in a field that I’m interested in.

When I talked with M, we talked a lot about his experiences at U of M and what classes he took. It was helpful to find out what classes he though were helpful and which ones pertained the most to the field I plan on going into. M also talked about his role at the company he’s working at. He explained what he’s doing on the team he’s working in, and what technologies he’s working with currently.

It was great to hear what it’s like to working in Machine Learning, and his experience at U of M. I got a lot of great advice from him. One last piece of advice he gave before we said goodbye, was that I should try to work in a variety of different roles and positions early on so that I choose the career path that I’m sure I want to go down. I will keep M’s words in mind as I continue with my education and career.

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