Informational Interview | #2

For my second informational interview of the summer, I decided to look for someone outside of The Orchard and outside of the music industry. One night, my parents were having some of their friends over. Among them was one of my dad’s best friends: a Goldman Sachs executive.

Given my willingness to explore industries outside of entertainment for next summer, I thought that meeting with him would be a great networking opportunity as well as a chance to learn something. He asked me about my summer, so I mentioned the fact that I needed a few informational interviews for ALA 225. To my delight, he immediately invited me to come to the GS headquarters for a tour and a meeting.


Aside from the charm of the Goldman offices, I learned a great deal from our meeting. He told me about his meteoric rise from associate to managing director within eight years of joining the company, and he credited it his willingness to take risks his first five years. One of the things he said that really stuck with me was “If you can call up an important person then maybe you’re important too.” This nothing to lose mentality is applicable to all industries, and is something I’m going to carry with me as I enter the workforce.

At a certain point, he said he was out of advice and asked me what I wanted to do next summer. I told him I haven’t ruled anything out, and am considering consulting as it can expose me to many different industries simultaneously. I also mentioned that I was willing to look into financial services, but preferably in a marketing capacity. He said he could give me a huge push at KPMG, and also organized an interview at Goldman Sachs’ marketing team for me.

I’m very lucky to know this man, and consider him a mentor. I’m looking forward to learning more from him, and am very optimistic about my next internship now that I know I have his support.

Experiences like these remind me how important it is to utilize your network and put yourself out there. People want to play it forward, but you have to ask for their help for them to offer it.

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