Informational Interview #2 || #8

As a part of my last assignment, I interviewed a person who was working in another lab within the same organization. More than an interview, it was a very casual 35 minute conversation about the risks of attaining a Ph.D as compared to working directly in academia or industry after graduation. He was able to provide me valuable insight into the demands of the 5-6 years of working towards my Ph.D. and the opportunity costs of the same. He informed me that I would definitely lose out on some great industry experience plus good pay, but the amount that I would learn through the entire process would be immense. He told me that I would definitely get my name on some papers, be able to network and meet some of the greatest minds in the field, present my research at conferences and seminars and learn how to truly have patience. However, one thing that he told me that made me sway toward getting my Ph.D. It was having the knowledge to question everything that I am doing and making sure that I am on the right track scientifically. That is super crucial because, in science, you want to make sure that you are viewing the question from every angle possible and thinking of the best possible answer to your question. My biggest takeaway was that either way is going to have many pros and cons, going to be a lot of hard work but in the end it is all worth it!

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