Instagram Challenges | #5

Gaining loyal customers on Instagram has been the hardest thing for us this internship. We are trying our hardest to maximize our Instagram following to bring a better customer base. Everyday our efforts have been consistent. We have created a new feed, done many photoshoots, and reached out to many followers to improve our social presence. Yet, our number of followers have not increased consistently. This has been a challenge for me because I am assigned to manage the company’s Instagram page.

As someone who loves working Instagram pages, significantly improving this companies follow has been my biggest challenge. However, we are slowly coming over this hurdle by directly messaging the influencers in our target market. I have created a summer marketing campaign on Instagram in hopes to bring in a following.  It is called the Midsummer Tea Hydration Challenge. It calls all tea lovers, bloggers, and those interested in health to take upon a hydration challenge. Creating the use of the hashtag “mtexperience” for this challenge is help increase our online presence.

The outreach for this challenge has been specifically for Instagram. So far, our goal of finding five candidates for this challenge has been completed. We have sent those five people free tea and a bottle.  In return they feature us on their page about their Midsummer Tea experience to their followers. Three of the five people have followers over 20k which is an amazing outreach! We are very excited to see how this campaign leaves our participants feeling as well as how our new community of followers will impact our page in the future.

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