Master’s | Outside Interview #2

As I am nearing closer and closer to graduation (even though I still have an entire school year), I find myself questioning everything? Do I want to go into sports? Is that lifestyle sustainable? Could I work for a more corporate company? Would I like it? Do I have enough business knowledge to go into the business world?

There is no way to know the answers to all these questions. So this summer became a game of setting myself up for two paths post-graduation. Path one: lock in a job in the sports industry. Path two: go to grad school. Unfortunately, this open another can of questions about grad school, leaving me inside my head for most of the summer, psyching myself out.

Enter outside organization interviewee.

Through my diligent research, I found the Ross Master’s of Management (MM) program that caught my interested. It was like this program was designed for me: a business degree for the non-business people. During this research I found a willing alum of Michigan and the program who was happy to sit with me and answer my questions about the program, but also about his experience in the sports world.

Like myself my interviewee set himself up for two great paths after his graduation from the sports management program. He decided to forego securing a job, and pursued the MM program at Ross. He walked my through his internship experience with the University and how he landed those opportunities. Having been so involved with university athletics gave him good material for his MM program application and future interviews. What I found interesting and incredible helpful to my situation was that his changed career paths after starting his master’s degree. He took what he enjoyed from his university athletics internships and found a career in the corporate world doing similar work.

After having spoken with him for awhile, I realized that neither path that I decide to take would be a dead end. He pointed out that I have done all the right things: clubs, internship experience, networking, etc. to set myself up for landing a job in the sports world. But he also pointed out, that if I choose to take the other road, that I would not be disappointed either–as there are many things about the sports world that can be found in a more corporate setting.

As for actually figuring out what I want to do, I haven’t yet decided. But I have taken his advice and plan on giving me the best options. I am letting future me figure out what I am doing with my life.

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