Mid-Point Check In | #4

Given that I’m writing this post on August 22nd, it’s clear that my internship is well past its midpoint. In fact, this Friday is my last day. However, I’d like to disclaim that my laziness in posting entries had nothing to do with my work ethic at The Orchard this summer. In fact, upon reviewing my goals that I set for myself in my first week I would say I achieved them all and then some.

My overarching goal was to create a generally positive impact, and build personal as well as professional relationships that may result in future opportunities. In order to measure my progress in achieving this goal I created several sub-goals and worked to achieve those along the way. The first one was to leave The Orchard with a minimum of two strong references. At this point, there are 4 or 5 members of the Retail Marketing team who would most definitely give me glowing reviews. I credit this to my effectiveness and efficiency in completing assignments as well as my willingness to offer my help. For example, on Tuesdays I always ask every member of my team if they have any projects they need my help on once I finish my assigned work. This leads me to my next sub-goal. I wanted to be able to cite at least one tangible contribution I was not assigned. As I mentioned in my first informational interview, I offered to help a colleague on the content acquisition team, and have spent the whole summer researching potential clients to pitch even though this has nothing to do with the responsibilities of a retail marketing intern. It’s safe to say that I’ve completed both of my sub-goals, and accomplished more than I expected I would this summer.

Although I’ve done well in many areas, and have networked successfully with many people in the bustling office space, I think that I can be even more outgoing at my next internship. I’ve only gotten the chance to meet about one third of the employees at The Orchard, and have formed bonds with about half of the people I’ve met. This is definitely an area for personal growth, and I wish I was more proactive in fixing it sooner. Nonetheless, this has been an amazing summer.

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