My Mentor, Tammy

The reason this internship with MyVoice is so impactful has a lot to do with the primary investigator on the project, and my mentor, Dr. Tammy Chang. Tammy(as she prefers to be called), is the person that empowers the whole team. It is through her leadership that the project has developed so steadily. Her charisma, amiability, knowledge and dedication, are some of the greatest boons to the project. The opportunity to work with her, having her as an employer, a mentor and counsel is an invaluable attribute of this internship.

The adulation that I express for Tammy is not without great reason, as Dr. Chang is truly an exemplary individual. As my mentor, she has been a strong propagator of my success. From consistently advising me on ways to further advance myself scholastically and socially, to being a facilitator of countless opportunities where I am able to expand my horizons as an academic. Tammy is a godsend. Her ability to uplift me, with affirmations and positive reminders, even when I fall below my own expectations is something I am very grateful for.

It is however, not Tammy’s altruistic skills in being a great mentor that makes her such an impeccable person. She is also very candid, personable and humble. Recently, we attended a coffee hour meeting, to consult with local officials about issues they face in executing their duties to youths. At the meeting, there were a number of elderly constituents, waiting eagerly to talk with their elected officials. As we waited for the officials to arrive, Tammy sparked a conversation with the constituents about, how difficult phone use has gotten. During the conversation, she got containers of hot beverages and began serving each of the constituents. When the officials eventually arrived and she introduced herself as a medical doctor, almost all the constituents were shocked, given her immense congeniality.

All in all, it is certainly a blessing to have Tammy as a mentor. The lessons that I continue to learn through collaborating with her, I sincerely doubt I would ever learn in a classroom. As I rise through the professional ranks, I know they will undoubtedly prove invaluable.

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