Overcoming Obstacles | #5

Although most of my assignments at The Orchard have been mentally stimulating, meany of them have been challenging. Particularly, the assignment I had to complete every Tuesday was very difficult for me. It involved utilizing Soundscan, a sales tracking system for the music industry. My job was to go through every Billboard list, compare the releases to the ones in our internal system, and compile an extensive spreadsheet detailing the performance of all our charting releases. Needless to say, Soundscan confused me at first and I made mistakes for the first few weeks.

I would make these mistake because of various inconsistencies in our system when compared to Soundscan. Sometimes record labels would be listed under different names, and sometimes territories would be carved out of our system while the release itself would still be included. Each time I made a mistake, my supervisor would sit me down and calmly tell that it wasn’t a big deal before teaching me the right way to compile the spreadsheet.

This took a toll on me, and me think I wasn’t doing a good job. However, my drive to leave a positive impression just made me pay more attention. I wrote down a procedure for myself to follow while analyzing Soundscan’s data, and I made sure I didn’t make a single mistake. After my third week doing the Soundscan report, every one of my submissions has been perfect. This struggle was necessary for me to experience because it taught me the value of diligence and persistence.

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