The End | #10

The dreaded day had come – August 11th, my last on floor 7 of Ty Admiral. Although I knew months ago that I would be ending my internship that Friday, it was surreal that the time had come to say goodbye to the co-workers and friends that made my summer so special.


It was difficult leaving the Admiral building for the last time


As an act of appreciation, my team sat me down and personally thanked me for what I had done. I also received a Cardiff City Football jersey as a gift – very thoughtful, as my manager knew I was heading to the game the following day!


Overall, I had an unbelievable experience at Admiral Insurance and abroad. I used each minute of my free time to explore and I befriended individuals from across the globe, all while gaining new perspectives on how to succeed in a large business.


Cardiff City came away victorious 3-0!


My time at Admiral gave me much more clarity about the type of career I would like to pursue. I discovered my passion for leveraging research and working with data to solve relevant business problems. I will be working on my analytical skills and looking for opportunities to perform research as I work towards a full-time position.


If I could give one piece of advice to the next Admiral intern, it would be to take advantage of time off and enjoy Cardiff and the rest of the UK. Bonding with fellow interns through shared activities was key in making my experience so amazing, so get up, be active, and make the most out of your time out of the office!


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