The Team, The Team, The Team | #6

The sports industry provides a range of employment opportunities, in numerous different fields. If you really think about it and break it down, any job or career can be applied to the sports world. When you are look at the industry in a more general sense (limiting the overwhelming possibilities) you can break it down into two categories: teams and firms.

Last summer, I had the opportunity to work for a league. This fell into the “team” category. During my time in the office, I experienced real-world business marketing. But it all applied back to a team. Everything we did was for the team and/or improving the fan experience at the games. Between dancing between innings to creating “suite baskets” containing tshirts, gum, and tickets for our suite holders to shooting off fireworks every Friday night, I was there rooting the team on and doing my best to improve the team/game experience.

After working for a firm this summer, where different companies are our clients that we work with as a third party to a team, I have found that I am much more suited for a team environment. Though I don’t intend on pursuing a job similar to the one I worked this summer, I enjoyed gaining the business background and new skill set in working with sponsorships. In future employment opportunities, I can speak to both sides of the sports industry because of my experience this summer. This allows me to be much more flexible and valuable to employers who are looking for someone to be a utility player.

This coming academic year is my last. Having had this summer’s experience, I can focus my career search during the school year. I will prioritize the opportunities that are “team” based rather the “firm.” In my academics, I am supplementing my classes with clubs like SBA and MWESE (both sports networking) and vowing to be more involved to utilize my resources more effectively.

Given my two experiences, and how vastly different they were, I know that I am an ideal candidate for the sports industry, but the question remains, in what facet of the industry? In a perfect world, I will graduate in May with a job working for a professional sports team. Check in then.

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