To Be Continued… | #6

As I reflect on the summer I have had at my internship, I think that it has confirmed what path I want to pursue and also showed me what roles are and are not for me. As an incoming senior, this is really assuring for me because as graduation approaches, the job search begins.

This internship has definitely confirmed that I want to pursue a career in PR. The fast paced culture and exciting events are just a few of the aspects that I like about a career in PR. This summer I was also the digital intern. While the internship has confirmed that I want to pursue PR, it has also confirmed that I do not want to work at it from the social media point of view. However, I am still so thankful for my experience this summer because now I have the basic knowledge of how to run a successful PR social campaign in the digital environment. In this evolving digital world, I think it is extremely important to have knowledge like this and makes one more valuable in the job market. Most importantly, my internship has showed me what sector of PR I want to work in. Out of my three past PR internships I have covered basically every type of business, from nonprofits, energy companies, sports franchises, beauty and fashion brands, and this summer government and local initiatives. After this summer I have concluded that I want to pursue PR in the fashion, beauty, or entertainment industries because in combines my passion for PR and my passions in my everyday life.

As I return to Michigan for my final year, I hope to build on both my communications and digital knowledge by taking classes focused on skills I will need in my career. For example, PR involves getting clients or your customer placement in the media, whether its the New York Times, your local news cast, or Vogue. This year I will be taking a class titled “Understanding Media Industries” in order to build my knowledge on all the different types of media. As a senior, I also hope to take advantage of job fairs, specifically the communications ones not just to look for a job, but to gain more knowledge about the industry I want to go into and build connections.


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