Week 4 – Cusco, Peru


During this 4th week, I was pretty much established in my internship. I was working proactively and diligently. Yes, there were some challenges as in the beginning. But nothing I had not experienced before. I had the opportunity to book a tour to see different ruins, cities, and archeological sites. I think that was the of this week. The period of duration for this tour was from 5 am to 9pm. It was very tiring. However, as the picture shows, I visited very beautiful, breathtaking, and worthwhile places. I also made new friends from the UBelong hostal that were interning in other field areas.

By the end of this week, I could not believe that my time in Peru was ending. My bond with he orphan children had just been fortified. Work was effective. And yet, soon I was to leave them again as many more to come and many that already went.

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