What’s Next? – Blog 3

I went into my internship at the Council of Michigan Foundations knowing that I already wanted to be in this field for my future career. However, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do in this field. Through working with this organization a second time, I was able to understand the ins and outs of not only the organization but parts of the larger field. My time spent working as an intern at CMF has shown me that I am most interested in pursuing a future career in philanthropy programming, as that is where my current strengths are at. In the future, I may discover different strengths but the the personal connections and sense of accomplishment that comes with developing and pulling off programs such as my conference is unbeatable.

Additionally, I discovered that after spending a second summer interning in Detroit the city has my heart and I would love to use my networks and connections in the area to consider living and working in the Detroit area following my graduation from the university this coming spring. There is so much life and endlessness amounts of life in Detroit, I would be very lucky to be a more permanent part of this part in Detroit’s history by pursuing a career in philanthropy in the area.

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