Blog Post #4 | Internship Perks

Everyone can talk about the professional contacts, typing skills, and resume boosters that internships may give them. However, I think one of the most fun parts of having an internship is the office perks! For example, at my internship, the office is located on the edges of downtown Birmingham, a swanky suburb of Detroit. We have a brand new kitchen in the office, stocked with whatever snacks we may need or want. My personal favorites are the fresh fruit and the bags of Skinny Pop! We are within walking distance of a local brewery, where we once went to have our meeting over drinks and appetizers.

We had a firm barbeque in the middle of the summer, ending work early on a Friday to kick back and enjoy some grilled food in the parking lot. Not to mention that for my July birthday, the office got me gourmet cupcakes and a gift card to honor my big day! Sometimes when the days in the office get long, it is nice to experience the more light-hearted aspects of the intern lifestyle. You can’t have all work and no play, and internship advantages help balance the two.


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