Dublin: a Mentor & a Brilliant Pal [7]

Although I already wrote a post about my coworkers and office dynamics, I find it rather important to highlight my mentor and a brilliant pal. Davina, the coworker I worked one-on-one with, is both of those things to me. She is my senior in terms of experience and age; however, when we were together, she valued my ideas and opinions as an equal. Also, during work and on our breaks, we connected as the best of friends.

As colleagues, I couldn’t ask for a better individual to work so closely with. First of all, she is absolutely brilliant. She has one of those minds that is constantly seeing and understanding the world, and her creativity never stopped flowing. While she was so grand on her own, she still respected and appreciated my contributions. She never treated me as an intern who needed instruction, but rather, as someone as brilliant as her.

As friends, I also couldn’t ask for a better pal to have. During work, lunch, our frequent coffee/tea breaks, we had the most riveting conversations about life, human nature, music, culture, and thrifting. She is also a part of a band, Davina and the Messengers, and I went to see one of their smaller sets at a local pub! It was incredibly cool to be able to see her perform and in her true element. I feel quite lucky that I had much an amazing person to work with and befriend here.

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