Final Week at Martineau Leonard

After 10 weeks of working at Martineau Leonard it was finally time to say goodbye. While it was a bit sad to leave, I left excited to use my new skills in other aspects of my life. The women at the office hoped I would come back after law school and hopefully work for them again. I also noticed how attached I had gotten to cases and clients that I had not even met in person. After working on their notes all summer I knew the ins and outs of their cases and wanted to see how they turned out. Would they get the money to cover their medical bills? Would they recover emotionally from trauma from the accident?
Fortunately I had a great relationship with my boss and the other staff members so I will definitely be keeping in touch to find out what the end results are for some of the clients.
As my internship ends and the reality of applying for law school kicks in, I will definitely be reminding myself of my experiences with Martineau Leonard to get me through tough times with LSAT, applications and school. Why I choose to go into law can sometimes get lost in the stress of getting to that point but when I remember the people that I can help it truly makes it all worth it.

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