First wedding to shoot | #3

The first wedding I went to is a Chinese couple’s wedding in rochester hill. My boss was very excited to tell me about this wedding because he thinks this could be a very nice start for me since I’m also from China. Also, he thinks that I could be a nice translator for him.
The interesting thing is that I later found the groom is also from Shanghai like I do and I got to speak Shanghainese with the family. My boss was satisfied with this point because he thinks speaking the same language can make you get closer to the clients and probably make them happier and feel easier.
The wedding was in a fancy hotel, only the lovely trees and flowers and the decorations make everyone wants to get married.
My boss asked me to take lots of pictures of the decorations. He taught me three rules, the first is to get as many details caught as possible. The second is to use the right light, light is always the most important thing in a good photo. The last is to remember always overshoot. That way you get the chance to choose the best shot afterward.
I didn’t stay until the reception for this way, really looking forward to the next complete wedding I’m going to attend.

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