How to Survive an Brand Party/Marketing Experience | #4

Back in June, I helped out with the Reef Escape Pool Party, a high-profile party in LA to celebrate the launch of the Reef Escape sandal. The party took place in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills, where guests included Victoria Justice, Madelaine Petsch, and a ton of “Instagram Celebrities.” An open bar and free food from a popular local restaurant kept guests fueled for fun in the sun.

I’ve compiled a few tips based on what I learned from my 6 hours baking in the LA heat.

  1. Sunscreen regularly.
    I got sooo sunburnt from running around in the sun, making sure the staff was well-fed and hydrated. Make sure to re-apply at least once to save your skin. Don’t forget the face!
  2. Don’t forget the essentials: sunglasses and a hat.
    LA can be miserable in June, and I couldn’t have made it through the day without my shades and a huge visor. The sun was so bright, only intensified by the reflection of it against the white tiles of the backyard. Being so high up in the Hollywood Hills wasn’t helping, either.
  3. Bypass the open bar for bottled water.
    Staying hydrated is SO IMPORTANT!!!!! I could tell I was dehydrated because I drank like ten water bottles and never had to pee. By the end of the day, I was completely exhausted and had to cancel my dinner plans to go home and recoup.
  4. Take A/C breaks to remain cordial for the celebs.
    I was representing the brand, so I made sure I was cordial and excited to every guest who walked in the door. Many asked questions about the sandals, which we handed out for free at the entrance. I was always ready with explanations on their pvc-free properties, how cute they were, and sizing. After baking in the heat for so long, I eventually lost my smiling excitement. I was quickly rejuvenated after going into the house and chillin’ in the kitchen for a while, soaking up the air conditioning. A/C will save you!!
  5. Take this as an opportunity to network.
    Sure, it’s 100 degrees and you’re dehydrated, sweaty, and exhausted. But LA parties mean LA guest list! Make sure to chat it up with everyone and you never know who you will meet!


I'm an incoming Senior from San Diego, CA. This summer, I am working as an ECommerce Marketing Intern at REEF! I'm super excited to learn more about the action sports industry, surf culture, and ECommerce Marketing!

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