Informational Interview | #2

My contact and I connected because my father and he have been friends since they went met in grad school. I wanted to connect with him because he works at one of the tech Big Four (Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Apple). He, therefore, has a premier view on where the tech industry is headed and was able to help me pick my concentration within the computer science major. Being a top executive there also helps him anticipate what niche fields in the industry may gain an important footing in the future and be worth investing time and effort into.

This interview confirmed that Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence are the two paths that are going to take center stage in the future tech industry. It also brought light to the fact that, although it is important to be knowledgeable about computer science, it is as important to be comfortable in another field in the industry – for example, business – to be able to bridge the gap between executives and developers.

This has led me to believe that I need to consider doing a second major besides computer science, or at least a minor. This second concentration must be in a non-STEM field, however, because two STEM majors would not bridge the gap between tech and non-tech people effectively in my opinion.

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