Informational Interview #2

I wanted to meet with people who worked in politics in a different capacity than what I am doing. I decided to reach out and meet with someone who does fundraising for a Senator and someone who does advance for a Congresswoman. I chose to connect with them because I know that I’m interested in a career in politics but I think it is important to explore the different careers that are within the political sphere. During 2016, I took the year off from the University of Michigan to work for the Hillary campaign. During that time, I was first an intern and then a finance assistant for the Northwest Finance Office. I loved my time on the campaign and have considered joining a campaign and working as a fundraiser when I graduate. I met with someone who does finance for a senator to learn more about his experience and to see how it compared to doing finance for a presidential campaign. It was incredibly helpful speaking with him and I learned that it was incredibly similar to the Hillary campaign but with a little more of a work life balance. He builds fundraisers not just in the state where the Senator is from but all over the country and he gets to travel with the Senator. Campaigns are incredibly high paced and intense but since it is not an election year things are more calm. After speaking with him, I was more inclined to try and get a fundraising job for a Member of Congress. I also met with someone who does advance for a Congresswoman. Her job is very interesting because it can shift over from being a job on a campaign to being a job in an administration. She is in charge of advancing the Congresswoman, so she is heavily involved with the scheduling of the Congresswoman’s schedule and she oversees all logistics surrounding the Congresswoman’s events. I had never really considered doing advance so it was a great opportunity to learn more about what the job entails. Although I don’t think I am interested in doing advance right now, it may be something I consider down the line.

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