Reflections on Week 3 and 4

Week 3: This was the “Grow Cody Rouge” week. GM, Quicken Loans, and other organizations were at Cody High School to help with a variety of projects inside and outside of the building. Throughout the week, thousands of volunteers came to show their support. This week was actually easier than the first two weeks, because we were able to delegate our students to various job sites. Before, the maximum number of groups we could split into was three, because there were only three of us interns. However, during this week, we separated into about six groups. For example, one of the adult volunteers brought lumber to build benches. He took about five of our students to help him. Smaller groups usually meant more productive groups, because too many students together at the same time usually led to distractions. I think that productivity peaks at about seven students in a group.

Week 4: This was the “Life Remodeled” week. At the beginning of each day this week, all of our students hopped on a bus to Central High School in Detroit. This week was nerve-wracking at times, because our students were harder to manage. During the first three weeks, if they decided to act lazy and wander off without telling us, at least they would still be in the school. But during our fourth week, that behavior was completely unacceptable. The last thing we wanted was to leave some of our students behind. Thankfully, all of the students seemed to understand and respect this concept, even the ones that were usually rebellious. Overall, it was a wonderful week.

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