Sushi Lunch Date

Every Friday my coworkers and I go to a Chinese restaurant downriver Michigan. The first time we went the place looked a little off putting; it was family owned and named the Dragon Buffet. The named reminded me of a story that a girl told while in my photography class this past spring semester, She was from China and told that class that the Chinese food that we eat in the United States is not authentic Chinese food that is served back in China. I remember her specifically saying that where you are in China depends on the type of food that you have — sweeter or spicier types. She also said that there are secret menus for those who want AUTHENTIC Chinese, all you have to do is ask.

Even though I think about this story every time I walk up to the doors, it doesn’t stop me from walking in.

In the back of the restaurant, behind the bars of food, there is a man that makes fresh rolls of sushi. He puts so much care and thoughtfulness. We go so often the as soon as we walk in the sushi man starts making our favorite rolls. I don’t know what’s in the rolls or whats on top but, it is some of THE best sushi I’ve ever had.

Beyond the sushi, and the best green beans I’ve ever eaten, eating out with my coworkers is the greatest bonding experience that I have had thus far during my internship. My coworkers and I explore so much in conversations from the office to our personal lives. I don’t even remember how sushi Fridays started, but I’m happy that I tagged along. The first time I went, I remember only talking about work because we haven’t yet established that relationship. But, it quickly went out the window after the second round of sushi rolls. We all have similar personalities and it is honestly amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better team of people to work with.

I grow closer and closer to them with each visit. It makes long nights at the office more enjoyable and Fridays more anticipated.

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