Team Bonding + Outings – My CPG Internship | Part 2

My next two weeks at RB were a whirlwind, consisting of a lot of different trainings spanning finance, marketing, Nielsen, and more. We were able to meet graduates in the graduate rotational program, which is RB’s full-time program after graduation and learn more about their experiences in it. They would rotate around the country and get exposure into sales and trade marketing fields, and there were a good number of Michigan alumni who went through the program. RB has field offices all over the nation, so it was a perfect opportunity for a new graduate to see a little bit more of the world.

In my previous internships with startups, we didn’t really have a lot of outings and day trips, which I was always fine with. Some of the Big Four companies have trips to Disney World for their interns, famously, but I always thought it was unnecessary. However, I found that these outings are first of all, really fun, and second of all, a really great way to meet and build connections with others.

We were also lucky to start at RB when the Air Wick team had an all-day rafting trip planned as a bonding and celebration event. As you can see from the picture, I had a really fun time rafting down the river! All the rafts had ongoing water gun fight in the morning before we stopped for a barbecue for lunch. The afternoon was spent lazily drifting down the river, relaxing and chatting. Most importantly, I was able to meet and bond with all the members of the large Air Wick team earlier on and was able to reach out to these connections later as the summer went on (and hopefully in the future as well).

I had such a fun time and had a true glimpse into RB’s “work hard, play hard” culture. We also had a lot of other outings which I really enjoyed throughout the summer, such as Escape the Room for intern bonding, visits to our manufacturing factory, and even to a fragrance house!

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