Week 5 – Departure


So many things happened during these last 7 days. The city was rioting. They had to stop all traffic. They were even kidnapping  people in the public busses. Students (university and k-12) and civilians were upset at the increase of 10 Peruvian Soles of the public transportation fare. This was a big deal considering that the average Peruvian living in Cusco, making minimum wage, earns about 800 soles a month which translate into about 250 USD. Also, Cusco is a very touristic city. For the foreigner, everything is cheap and relatively affordable. Nonetheless, Peruvians struggle in their native land. Even businesses closed while protests were going on. They also stood against their inconvenient legislation. While international businesses are charged no tax, for the Peruvian is a whole different story.

In the other hand, it was hard having to announce that my time at the orphanage was about to culminate. I knew the situation in which the orphans lived so I purchased items that I saw and thought they might like and need (over-the-counter medicine and vitamins, toilet paper, toothpaste, learning tools, toothbrushes, sanitary pads, soup, and pizza!).  Its really nothing to us, but to them it means the world. I think I had an adequate closure with them and with my daily work. I did not just left them hanging. I followed the psychologist instructions and made an evaluation for each of the children I worked with recommendations and a strategic plan to move forward.

By the time I was done with all my responsibilities, I was ready to go home. The flight back was horrendously stressful. Four airports in less that 24 hours with a full luggage, carry-on, and backpack by myself? Admittance to the ER upon arrival after 2 weeks of travelers illness symptoms, viruses, and E.coli? I cannot wait to do it all over again!

But honestly, this was all thanks to the University of Michigan’s College of LSA and the Opportunity Hub’s Internship Scholarship Award. I thought transferring as a Junior might not allow me to do something so life-changing as going abroad. I am so proud and grateful by the way this university operates in creating these opportunities for students. I feel the university is so zealous for us. All and all, at the end of the day, we are all leaders …. AND the best.



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