What I would have Changed this Summer at Cody

Overall, I had an awesome experience. The summer jobs program definitely improved from last year. Individual students made personal improvements and the group as a whole made a collective improvement.

However, there are certain things that should have happened differently in my opinion. I mentioned some of these things in my reflections, but this is a consolidated list.

Here is what I would have changed at Cody this summer:

1. Make sure the students get paid consistently. I am not sure what happened on the backend at GDYT, but some of our students were not getting paid properly. This did not create an environment of trust at our workplace, and strongly disincentivized them to work hard.

2. No basketball practice. During the summer, the members of the boys basketball team would leave at 11:00am for basketball practice. I do not think this should have happened. Every worker should stay the entire time.

3. The school faculty and us needed to coordinate better. Sometimes it felt like they didn’t know why we were there. They questioned our authority at times, and that was hard to address when we had our job to do.

4. During the Grow Cody Rouge week, we wished that the volunteers were more aware of what we were doing. With their actions, they sometimes didn’t value people over projects. It would be nice if we could have been able to just bring our kids to a worksite  and trust that the people there would be excited to help them.

This is a short list of what I would have had differently at Cody. As I said before, it was awesome to see the improvements made this summer. Hopefully this list will be even shorter next year.

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