#5| Getting Ready for Goodbye

As the last week of my internship started, I looked around at the office that had become my home away from home this summer and at the women who had quickly become a second family. I was excited to start getting ready for my senior year but sad to leave the internship that had taught me so much about law, social justice, and myself. In all my previous internships I had never before been part of a team or a cause that meant so much to me. During the last few days my fellow interns and I reminisced on the crazy calls we had taken, the dramatic court cases we witnessed, and all the great lunch places we got to try together. While we closed out our client files and began to say our goodbyes, I also had to prepare for my big proposal presentation for the university evaluations I had been working on with an intern all summer. We had been on overdrive for the last week editing and formatting our final proposal and designing a presentation that would impress the director. The director of the Women’s Law Project is not only a formidable and accomplished attorney, but an expert on campus sexual assault. We knew that doing a project on a subject she was so passionate about meant that it had to be perfect. The presentation went very well and led to a fruitful and enlightening conversation with her about our work and hers. Afterwards our supervisor pulled us aside and told us it’s hard to tell the director something she doesn’t know about campus sexual assault, but we had managed it.We celebrated our success, both on the project and the summer itself, with a catered lunch from our favorite Mediterranean restaurant that the office had arranged for all of the interns. It was a great way to spend time with the wonderful women who had taught me so much and for everyone to reflect on a great summer. I am so thankful for the experiences I had and I know that I am always welcome at the Women’s Law Project and that I not only created a strong network for my career but strong friendships for a lifetime.

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