Big House Program Generation IV

It wasn’t until all the students had arrived until I realized that the rest of the volunteers and I would have our hands full for the entirety of the program. It was our duty to not only keep the students informed, but to continue to keep them focused throughout the day. If we were dull then the students would seem sluggish or uncooperative. In order to prevent this, the project interns and I left time open throughout each day to energize the students before they would move onto an important presentation, workshop, or activity that we had planned for them. Those breaks were always valued by the students although by the end of each night it seemed like they couldn’t wait to get back to their rooms considering we finished each day around 11pm.

With each year that this program has been in place, each group or generation as we call it will try to define itself during the program. Whether it is by the friendships that are made or the inspiration that continues to draw the students to the idea of being a college student, each generation is unique. It was a privilege to witness that during the program and to see the students in awe. The program itself brought out certain realizations among the students and the struggles that they themselves deal with. However, the Big House Program is more than just showing students what the University of Michigan is about, but it creates a community for students who would have never thought about connecting with others from a different background. I am more than thankful for the opportunity to have worked on this program during my summer.

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