Blog #5 Capturing the Human Experience

I’ve learned much over the summer and it’s almost over. I ‘m lucky to have found in the MLS, a lab that I’ll continue to be a part of into the school year. I will get an opportunity to absorb more and grow as I stay on with the study. I feel that research experience is important enough to rearrange my fall schedule to accommodate it. The only difficult part is getting from where my other classes are happening on Central Campus to where the MLS is stationed on East Campus.

The lab coordinator Angela and lab manger Katherine have been fantastic. I highly recommend this lab for anyone with a interest in longitudinal research. The staff at the lab stay on top of things and are just genuinely nice people. The study itself is an amazing feat, with layers upon layers of information that has been expertly gathered like snap shots in time.

After being exposed to longitudinal research, I’m convinced that it isn’t something you can learn about in a classroom environment. It has too many components interacting and there are just too many moving pieces to do it justice in lecture format. It’s something you have to participate in so that your understanding can expand as your exposure to the data increases and you can begin to see an overall picture.

The complexity of a study of this magnitudes makes conducting one seem like an art form. I didn’t expect a longitudinal research study to remind me of a symphony but that it what repeatedly comes to mind. The data is mathematical, like musical notes but the product is something that reflects the rich and textured human experience.



Kelly L

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