Blog Post #3

At a point during my internship, I received a phone call from Washington D.C. Now usually the calls from D.C are either for the director or the paralegal in the office but it was for me. I was very surprised and wondered who it would be. With the other interns around me waiting to see who it was I answered the phone and it was an another intern I had been emailing. I was assigned to do criminal follow-ups from D.C for the clients we have in Chicago.

The intern from D.C was following up to ask about a client follow up. Once those questions about work were all cleared up she began to ask me about myself and she mentioned to me that there were about 4 interns in D.C that also went to the University of Michigan.

At this internship I was able to meet a lot of different people in the many offices we have across the nation and I was also able to see just how far Michigan can take you.


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