Blog Post #4

I think one of my favorite days during my internship was mail day because we received mail from USCIS letting us know that people were approved for their visas. I was in charge of calling people and notifying that their wait was over and we finally received a notification from immigration deciding that they can legally stay in the United States and have a work permit and SSN. I cannot put into words the joy that people give off over the phone when they hear the news.


Every day I am shown the harsh realities our clients have to live with. One woman had an appointment with us but she called because she could not find parking which caused her to drive around the block a couple of times. That made her nervous because she saw a police car and decided to go home instead. They live with the constant worry that they might get deported but it was my job to reassure them that the legal team makes sure that applying for a visa will not put them in any risk.


I want to make it my career to make sure that people always have the joy of finding out they can stay with their family and have nothing to worry about being taken away.

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