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“Where to go after an internship?”, a common questions a majority of junior students face after completing their internships leading into senior year. The decision to possibly stay with the company if offered or the reality of moving on to another industry despite the long hours every week this summer- the next decision of where to go from here is one faced by every junior entering senior year.

My father always told me “it is just as important to know what you don’t want to do as it is to find out what you do want to do”. It is important to find something you want to pour your energy into. Nothing is worse then getting involved in a career or field that you do not enjoy, that you’re not curious about. Thankfully, my internship led me closer to discovering what I do what to do. I enjoy real estate and I can most definitely see myself succeeding in the industry. What aspect of real estate I would like the explore after college- that is what I am still figuring out. At Michigan, the opportunities to network with individuals who are involved in things you have strong interests in are endless. I have already connected to numerous individuals who work in all aspects of real estate. Their advice has already provided me with an overwhelming amount of insight into the business. From here, I think I will continue to be curious. I will continue to network and explore the opportunities presented to me- and for that I am excited for the future.

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