Homebound | #5

My internship recently wrapped up and I flew home. During my final week at my internship, I finished up the spreadsheet I was working on regarding mines and their respective commodities in Canada. On my last day of work, the office took the other intern and I out for lunch. Friday’s are usually fairly relaxed, so shortly after lunch, I headed back to my apartment to finish packing up for the journey home.

I wouldn’t change a thing about my time in Australia. I was forced completely out of my comfort zone and learned so much about myself. My internship gave me a much clearer picture of what working in an office setting is like. The internship as a whole also helped me shape and decide which career field I want to pursue- although I am an Economics major and did enjoy the research I was doing, I realize now that it isn’t necessarily the career I want to pursue.

I think I would move back to Sydney if given the opportunity to. The work culture is much more relaxed than the hustle and bustle of other large cities like New York or Chicago. The people are so kind and funny and welcoming. Now that I’m back home in the states, I realize how much I miss living abroad. I have such an itch to continue traveling the world now! Who knows where I’ll end up next.



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