Informational Interview – #1

My first informational interview was with a manager that spent the first seven years of his career in casting. After countless eye contact as I passed his office during my rounds, an elevator pitch in an elevator, and listening to him speak to all of the interns about his transition into management, I asked if I could speak to him individually. We connected really well as he is from Los Angeles and his father works in the industry, which is exactly like myself. This led to a deeper conversation about how both of our mothers discouraged their children from going into the industry as they have seen what it does to those in it. These initial connections we made allowed for a rich conversation about what experience distinguishes someone coming into the industry. He told me that most people who are looking to go into a network or a studio have never worked in production, making them hard to relate to. A major takeaway from the conversation is to look into opportunities to do PA work, as he stressed that no one is above doing menial tasks if it will help the product be successful. Another thing I will take with me is the fact that this industry, let alone life, is unpredictable and to be open to the prospect of ending up somewhere different than the job title I envision as a rising junior in college.

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