Informational Interview #1

For my first informational interview I was lucky enough to interview a person of importance within the company. I knew he had an interesting past and path to MM and was curious to learn more. I was able to sit down and discuss my future and his past for over 30 minutes during a workday.

We began by discussing his college experience and decision to forgo and undergraduate business degree and business school. This is something that directly relates to because I was dealing with the decision of whether to minor in Ross or not. Long term, I have put much thought into whether or not I would be interested in pursuing an MBA, and I valued his insight. He discussed all of the opportunities if I chose not to, such as an executive MBA program later in life, which he is also considering at this time in his career.

He is a very entrepreneurial guy who comes from a financial background. He was able to enlighten me on the culture within large finance and consulting companies for which he had previously worked. He admitted their style wasn’t for him, but can see how others thrive in it.

Finally I asked him for advice on how to succeed in this internship as he had seen many interns come through the company. His main suggestion was to get to know everyone, which I think I did an adequate (not perfect) job doing. However, he also mentioned going the extra step without anyone asking me for it. This is how you separate yourself in internships and something I will always look to accomplish now.

One thought on “Informational Interview #1

  • August 28, 2017 at 6:12 pm

    It sounds like you received some great advice and, hopefully, a lasting mentor!


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