Informational Interview #2

After my first informational interview, I decided to take a different approach with my second one for outside the company. I decided an interview would be a too formal of a setting and word, so instead I phrased it as a ‘chat’ in my email and when asking her. With this, I still prepared as if it was an interview (preparing both as the interviewer and interviewee). I did this because I knew I wanted to know a lot about her, but that she would ask several questions about me. I wanted to be prepared as I had a lot respect for her and her job.

She is a high up person at a sports analytics company revered as one of the best in the industry. First, we spoke of her undergraduate experience, relating it to mine. She gave me countless tips on how to make an impact with the Michigan Sport Business Conference (a club I am a part of on campus, MSBC). She had a similar experience with an organization in her undergraduate experience and was insightful on how to actually make a difference. I have actually already applied her advice to several different business calls I have had this summer for MSBC.

Then we moved onto discussing the sports industry. This is something I have always wanted to get involved in but am not sure if I want to commit to working in it early or later in life. When talking to her, she enlightened me on the different sides of the sports industry. For example, the team side vs. the business side, agency side, companies focused on sports products, or even a sports branch of a normal business. Previously, I had not thought too much past the team/business side of the industry. I found her advice extremely helpful and have emailed her since to continue our communication.

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  • August 29, 2017 at 1:24 pm

    Scott – I love that you replaced interview with ‘Chat’. This is especially important when reaching out to someone at a different organization – While you undoubtedly want an interview, the word, as you mentioned, is to formal and comes with inaccurate promises!


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