It Was An Amazing Experience

As the Summer is wrapping up, so did my internship.

My four month long internship, with so many hours of work every week, gave me a Summer worth remembering. Not only did I become so close with so many amazing people, but I also have developed so many of my skills. I was given a team to lead in order to prepare for a four day retreat with 35 high school students. I learned how I need to step back and lead. This was very hard for me, because I needed to be the one not to do everything so I could see everything that needed to be done. I had to learn to delegate tasks and believe in my team. My team definitely did exactly what I asked and they killed it. I was so proud.

I also learned that as the leader I need to take into consideration everything everyone was saying and make a decision that benefitted the team as a whole. Throughout the retreat the hardest part has been that as the leader I needed to make decisions on the spot without consulting with my team, because we had no time. I needed to make decisions and stand by the consequences, but I also needed my team to support all the decisions I did make at the time. They definitely delivered and made me have confidence in what I was doing as the elected director.

The Summer was full of ups and downs, but from those I have come to see that the people I work with are some of the most passionate individuals I have ever met. I have had the honor in working on a team with all of them, and it was an absolute pleasure to have this opportunity.

This is why it is great to be a Wolverine!


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