Meanwhile at Complex Media | #4

This blog post is dedicated to something I was able to do outside my internship.

I typically have two free days throughout the week. I usually spend those day sleeping in but for two weeks I got the opportunity to do something productive and fun. A friend of mine from a previous internship texted me saying, “Hey! I will be out of work for a few days. So you want to freelance and fill in for me?” Now this may seem like a whatever gig but to me it was awesome! My friend works as a Production Coordinator for the famous web show Everyday Struggle. Think of ESPN’s First Take but about hip-hop.

The job is pretty simple, I just help around the set and watch the production in progress. Although the job may seem small, for me, it was a great opportunity to be in the Complex office and get to meet people. I’ve always wanted to intern at Complex… NOW I’m temporarily working there!!! This was an opportunity to meet people and get some business cards.

I was able to meet the Head of Social Media and we talked for about 15 minutes. He told me the importance about consistency in social media activity (which is apparent in Complex’s 30 posts minimum each day on Instagram). He told about the logistics of posting and marketing and gave me his email (IF THEY DON’T HAVE A CARD, ASK FOR THE EMAIL).

The main point of this post is to tell you guys that don’t limit your work experience to just your internship. If other opportunities present themselves than take them and enjoy every moment. Experiences such as these can open yours eyes to what you like and don’t like.



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