Reflection and Post Internship Travels

Having completed my internship a little over a month ago, I have been reflecting more and more on my time in Albania and the trips I took afterwards. Even though my internship in Albania was very unorganized, I enjoyed my time their and what I learned about myself and my culture. I definitely think I’ve learned to keep myself busy and productive even when there is not much to do.

After my internship, I went to the southern region of Albania with my dad and explored the areas a bit before going back to Montenegro with him where I stayed for another 2 weeks before meeting a friend who was traveling Europe after graduating. Spending time with my family on the farm was interesting. To be honest, I got bored very easily and I didn’t like the food that my family would make much. Luckily, though, my 17 year cousin and I became quite close since she came over often. We went to Budva and other cities in Montenegro together. We also took a day trip to Mostar, Bosnia to visit a friend of mine there.

After a tearful goodbye to my family, I left to join a friend in Europe and we travelled together to Rome, Munich, Geneva, and Paris before coming home. I had about a week to myself in Munich because she went to a music festival in Belgium so I stayed with my cousin and her family. This was definitely one of the highlights of my trip. Getting to reconnect with family and get to know my little cousins was amazing.

The three months I spent in Europe were some of the best times of my life. I accomplished so many things in this time – reconnected with my family, got work experience, travelled a whole region of the world, and learned a lot about myself. I am so thankful to the University for providing me with opportunities that I never thought I would have had at this point of my life. As a first generation American and first generation college student from Detroit, I can honestly say that the University of Michigan has helped lead me in a direction that will better my academic, professional, and personal life. Go Blue!

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