Se Llama Lama: Peru Adventures| #2


The commute to the orphanage consist of 10 min walk to the bus stop and a 15 minute bus ride on Arco Iris, also known as the rainbow bus. On my way to the orphanage, buses nearly collide but miss each other, organized chaos seems to be the major theme here. On the first day of volunteer, I was thrown in a room with eight other kids whose ages range from 3-13. During the time here the teachers were on strike, they demand more pay but the government has sent in police force. They have been at a stall out for 4 weeks now. This has affected the children at the orphanage since they need to go to school but cannot at the moment. Only those who go to private school may have not been affected and were able to attend school during this time.

Most of the day consists of teaching the children mathematics and communication. Those subjects are heavily emphasized in school here in Cusco. When we were practicing, we were playing games with the other kids on the playground. In addition, I was able to facilitate some improv theater games I was taught earlier this summer.

This past Friday was Independence Day. I was not sure what I was expecting maybe some parades and many people to be out. But instead the Peruvians used this day as a platform to advocate for their rights and then by the afternoon all the public squares were empty because it is often a day spent with family.


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