Start Garden Projects

While I was interning with my partner at Start Garden, we were tasked different project managers with different projects that all related to IoT (Internet of Things). While working there, my favorite project was the trash bins sensors project with Cascade Engineering employee and my project manager, Kyle Lenkey.


My partner and I worked to create a prototype of a sensor that would detect when a trash can was filled. We used a microcontroller with LoRa technology that would be connected to an ultrasonic sensor. The sensor data is transmitted to a gateway using the radio frequencies through the LoRa chip. Then, the data is sent to The Things Network (TTN), where the data is shown as payloads. We then had to decode the payloads into integers that represented the distance that an item in the trash can is located. This project was especially interesting because it introduced me to the world of IoT and the magical, innovative creations that are possible with this booming field.


Like I’ve previously mentioned, I absolutely loved working at Start Garden not only because of the hands-on experience, but also because of the people. Kyle was a great mentor to have who guided us through the projects and whenever things were going awry, he was there to provide us support. It was great teaching him the new lingo us college kids are using and getting to know him over dinner. He was even cool enough to take us out for frozen yogurt.

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