The Future | #5

My time in Washington DC and at the Human Rights Campaign has certainly made a huge impact on my future. It has made me more certain that I want to be back in DC after graduation and quite possibly for any post graduate education I may receive. I’ve fallen head-over-heels for this incredible city and I can’t imagine not living and working here.

It has also reaffirmed that I want to continue my commitment to social justice and issues of civil rights. What it has changed is my past steadfast desire to continue that work through nonprofit. I wouldn’t mind working for HRC or another nonprofit in the future, but I think I would like to continue to broaden my horizons and work internally with other organizations like PACs and maybe even a government agency if the time is right.

I also had a pretty big intention to go and get a law degree in the future. I’ve become more and more uncertain of the necessity of a law degree since I’ve been in DC. Here, law degrees are a dime a dozen and many people don’t even practice after they’ve passed their bar examination. I’ve had the opportunity to meet with many of them and I was told to wait for a few years and see where my career takes me.

Overall, I’ve learned that it’s not always about your degree, school, or GPA. Most of what makes people marketable and desired in the job market is their experience, networking, skills, and ability to learn. So, I am going to continue learning, fostering meaningful connections, and working hard this upcoming year. Until then, I’ll miss you DC!

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