What Next? | blog #5

It may sound cliche, but my internship may have truly altered the path I see for myself after graduation this year. Before this summer, I had convinced myself that the best course of action would be to attend law school immediately after graduation. However, after spending this summer in DC, I am enthralled by the possibility of working on Capitol Hill for a year or two before law school. Through my internship I was able to attend quite a few Senate and House hearings. I also had the daily task of keeping tab on Congress’ actions, which proved to be quite exciting considering the summer that Congress had.

My experiences this summer cultivated an intense interest in the going-ons of Congress and spurred a desire to be directly involved with legislation, even if it is only on the ground level. The biggest lesson I learned is that just because I finished my internship knowing that it was not the exact kind of work I wanted to do, did not mean that there wasn’t great things to gain from it. It opened my eyes to a potential job for the next few years that I had never considered beforehand and heightened my pre-existent passion for politics. Although this internship may not have been what I expected, it exposed me to unique situations and was an extremely impactful experience. So while I may not know exactly what is coming next, I do feel myself being drawn to Capitol Hill for at least the next year or two.

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