Wrapping it all up #5


This summer internship at Torrent Consulting has been extremely informative and fun. I’ve learned the ins and outs of web development, got to apply my knowledge directly to a meaningful project, and met a ton of really awesome people!

As far as the app goes, I have built quite a bit! I’ve developed user interfaces, client-side controllers, server-side controllers, and learned how to tie them all together. The app is not finished, but has been developed enough to prove the concept of creating statistical visibility throughout the entire company. The next steps for the app are to be determined. I am satisfied with my progress with it thus far, but it is difficulty letting it go and not being completely involved with it’s journey!

My exit meetings with Torrent have been very useful as well. I was able to reflect on the different aspects of both work life and Torrent’s business model. I was also able to reflect on my struggles and triumphs while working there this summer.


There are many things that I will take away with me and into my final year of school that I’ve learned this summer.

They are:

Fail faster

Identify your obstacles early

Don’t avoid criticism, even in the early, not presentable stages




I am approaching my final year as a University of Michigan undergrad. I am currently interning at Torrent Consulting as an application developer. I major in informatics and hail from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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